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Punjab: Traditional Games almost obsolete

India is a very big Country with multi language, cast, creed and culture which one can divide it further into two categories that is rural and urban India and both have different lifestyle from each other. In rural India one can find true India’s picture which no doubt carry real Indian traditions but with wave of modernization since last decade in India rural India also now different from its early look. Punjab which has countless traditional games played by children loose its shine and now its very rear to watch in villages also . Below are some of them:-
Baantey (Small Ball of Glass)
In the street boys use to play with them in different ways but ultimately in every type of game the goal is to win all the baantey (Small Ball of Glass) own by opponent until this they have to keep on playing or mutual agreement to end the game. Sometimes the scene become very tense when loosing guy blame on to winning guy of cheating and mess with him. Boys with the Baantey often seen in street playing in groups throughout year but this scene is very rear to watch.
Kho Kho
This is game usually played in groups ( Team) and boys and girls both can be part of it.Miminum six to eight players need to play the game and then they divided in two group with same number of players, after toss its decided by the winning team but it opt to play first or give other team to play first ,then one team players sit opposite direction with space of 10 to 12 feet and one of there players run to chase (touch) other members and seeing near to any members he touch and say Kho then touched members try to touch other team members until all the members touch by them and then other team do the same.
This is also a group game can be played by boys and girls both at same times and on ground they make with chock some lines which from distance just look like boxes, then one team’s members stand in between draws line and other team members to cross through these lines and backwards without touch by team members who are inside these lines, and if any member touch by team then other team’s turn begin and they repeat the same ,whoever made more score won it.
Its game played individually and in team, both boy and girl can play it .This is just like Body as with chock draw lines on floor and with piece of stone turn by turn both players wait for there turn until foul by the player who is playing his game.
Gully Danda
It’s a game played by boys individually and in team depending upon the availability of players. It can be played lot of ways under rule made in the beginning of game. In this thick stick almost three feet long and a small piece of wood which has sharp edges needed, and small piece of wood called gully hit with Danda and opposition has to out the player by catching flying wood when it hit by player.
Lukan meetey (Hide and Seek)
It’s a group game and turn by turn one player has to look for all the players who hide and if player who is searching players touch by hidden player then he again have to look all the players again.
Pithu kayam
It’s a group game and need a ball and some stones which are pile one after another and one guy with ball try to dismantle them ,once this dismantle his team members run and avoid to hit by ball by the other member team players before they erect again dismantle stones as it was before.
Shakar bhuji
It’s a game played in group and one has to stand by touching the wall and other person has to jump and sit on to it avoid his feet touches ground that’s only way he can be out, until this foul he keep on jumping on other guy again and again.
These are some games which I remember from lot of games usually in the past played in some city also but often these easily visible in villages and with changing time now its rear to see any of these because of invitations like video games, computer and cable boom children after study prefer to play with these gadgets instead mentioned games.

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